https://egemeric2.ddns.net/index.php/rpi-camera/ (You can see here)

You can see Ankara’s city View with RPI Cam.This camera is connected to Rpi Zero W . Also you can watch daily timelapses (but video qualities are very low due to my upload speed so i use webm format to decrease file size.)

Whole day has nearly 18000 frame(1-2gb in jpeg) but i have used mancoder program to convert jpeg’s to Avi . By doing this ,whole day’s timelapse’s has been decreased to 40 mb but after converting avi to webm this file size is decreased extremely to 6-8 mb .

I’ve used crontab to converting images to videos. crontab works at every 01.01 AM (for ffmpeg and deleting used jpegs)

On rpi zero i used https://elinux.org/RPi-Cam-Web-Interface this tool to web gui and after i created a basic curl script to catch images every 5 seconds. (this curl script works in my main dektop also this pc renders the files and hosts the videos)

you can see my basic scripts at bottom


#!/usr/bin/env bash

while [ true ]; do
sleep 5

curl -o $(date +%H-%M-%S).jpg

Creating timelapse from jpegs and converting to webm[for crontab(cron.sh)]


mencoder mf:///home/egemeric/time/*.jpg -mf w=1024:h=720:fps=60:type=jpg -ovc lavc -lavcopts threads=6 vcodec=msmpeg4v2:vbitrate=56000:keyint=15:mbd=2:trell -oac copy -o /home/egemeric/$(date +"%m-%d").avi ; 

ffmpeg -i /home/egemeric/$(date +"%m-%d").avi /var/www/timelapse/$(date +"%m-%d").webm ;  

rm /home/egemeric/*.avi


1 1 * * * /home/egemeric/time/cron.sh > /home/egemeric/cronout

1 2 * * * rm /home/egemeric/time/*.jpg

if you want , i can give my apache config for proxying web pages 😀

my network summary 😀

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